*UPDATED* Uncommon Goods – Review & Giveaway


Thank you to everyone who entered, I enjoyed reading all of your wish lists! Aaand now I want to go and spend a whole bunch of money on that site, lol.

Congratulations to JENNIFER LEWIS! Go buy your wine pearls, polar bear ice tray, and anything else your heart desires. 🙂

It seems that my family has been hit with a damn plague over the last month – at any given point, someone has been sick. I am EXHAUSTED from playing Doctor Mommy and I’m SO ready for everyone to be back at full health. When I received an awesome package of goodies from Uncommon Goods to review a few weeks ago, it definitely brightened my day!

For those of you who have never heard of the company, Uncommon Goods is a privately-owned retailer that specializes in super-creative & unique items and gifts. They’re environment-conscious, pay their employees well (the lowest paid seasonal worker in their warehouse starts at 50% above minimum wage!), and nearly half of their products are made by hand. Most items are created in the USA, and right around a third of their stuff incorporates recycled or upcycled materials. As if all that wasn’t enough to make you take a peek… their stuff is just plan COOL!

I agreed to review a few items from their collection, and I have to say I really wasn’t disappointed with anything! Here is the lowdown on the items I’ve been testing out over here in SuperHouse for the past few weeks:


Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Okay, this thing is just RAD. I’ve been *trying* to drink a lot more water, and I’m sure many of you have the same issue that I do with water just becoming… boring. Enter this sweet water bottle. First off, it’s glass — making it a little heavier than most water bottles, but it never tastes like plastic so… bonus! The flavor infuser is really easy to use – I’ve tried strawberries, cucumbers, blueberries, mint and rosemary in it (all separately) to enhance my water over the last few days, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I’m sure you guys could come up with even more awesome ingredients and cool combinations – send them my way! Anyway, this water bottle is only $14.99, and would make a sweet Christmas gift (wait, it’s THAT time of year AGAIN?? ALREADY?). Head on over here for more great under-$100 gift ideas . 🙂


Garlic Rocker

Again, RAD. Adam and I had been buying those big tubs of pre-minced garlic from Costco for forever, but lately we’ve noticed we just really like the taste of FRESH garlic much better. I super-hate chopping garlic because well… everything. I hate getting it all over my hands because I’m constantly worried that I might forget to wash it all off and then I’ll touch Jamie’s butt or something – EEK (as if I need any more reasons to worry about Jameson’s butt). This garlic rocker thing is amazing because it basically keeps your hands garlic-free… and even if it doesn’t, it’s made of stainless steel so washing your hands *with* the thing when you’re finished actually removes all of the smell! It’s pretty much genius. And it’s only $15… check it out along with other gifts under $50 here.


Sprout Soap

Well this little bar of soap is just plain pretty, don’t you agree? I opened it less than 5 minutes after I took it out of the box and jumped in the shower – it smelled so heavenly I wanted to use it IMMEDIATELY. In addition to being pretty and smelling yummy, it made my skin feel awesome – here’s the description of the soap from Uncommon Goods: “Olive, coconut, and palm oils are blended with shea and cocoa butters for a creamy blend of moisturizing elements that will pamper parched skin. An aromatic mix of lemongrass, lavender, and rose geranium impart the bar with a gentle perfume plucked straight from the garden.” Yeah, I’d agree with all of that. This little baby is only $6.50 – I’d say a pretty good price for something I’ve used almost every day for 2 weeks and haven’t seen much shrinkage. I anticipate it’ll last me quite a while (as long as I can keep it away from the kids – it’s so neat-looking that it’s the first thing they grab for when they get in the bathtub!). 🙂


Boom Cards (Random Acts of Kindness Kit)

Okay, this item I don’t have *too* much experience with yet, but I am excited about it. This whole “random acts of kindness” fad is growing, and these cards are like a cool, organized version. Basically it’s a little bag with 25 cards in it, each with a random act of kindness suggestion printed on it. You can hand them out to random people, or perform the acts yourself (with or without explanation to your recipient). The cards all have a registration number on them, so if people feel inclined they can hop online and see where the card has been — a really neat concept I think, and hopefully something others will jump on board with. Even if the online thing doesn’t catch on, the cards and the resulting kindness acts are sweet. I’ve used three so far, and they’re cute. I’ve also left a few for strangers – on someone’s windshield at the gas station, and in someone’s locker at the gym. Anyway… an interesting concept, and probably a cool gift for the right person! These Boom Cards are only $10 at Uncommon Goods.


So – all of these awesome little items were less than $50. Pretty good, right? Check out these and many other gift ideas over at Uncommon Goods… you won’t be disappointed!


Now for the fun part — WHOOOOOOO would like a $50 gift card to spend on anything you want over at Uncommon Goods? You could get 3 water bottles, or 3 garlic rockers, or 7 sprout soaps, or 5 kindness kits… or ANYTHING you want! Here’s how to enter:

*check out the gift collection over at UncommonGoods.com

*Comment on THIS POST and tell me what you’d spend your $50 on

For extra entries:

*“like” the Superwife Facebook page and share the a link to this post on your Facebook wall. Let me know you shared by either commenting on this post or on the Superwife Facebook page. 🙂

*”like” Uncommon Goods on Facebook (make sure you let me know that you did!)

* sign up for the Uncommon Goods email (again, tell me that you did so)

I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday, September 27th (sometime before I pick up the kiddos from daycare, so get those entries in before 5pm!). Good Luck!

(disclaimer: I got this stuff from Uncommon Goods for free to review and write about on this blog. I was not required to put a positive spin on anything, but I did because I genuinely liked the products I was reviewing.)

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  1. MOM
    MOM says:

    I shared this post on my facebook page, liked UncommonGoods facebook page and signed up for email on their website! Love their stuff. I would buy all of the things below using my $50 gift card and fork out the additional moolah from my pocket book!! 🙂 Love it! Here is what I would buy… shower squids, a flavor infuser water bottle, fondue for two and a few sprout soaps!! There is a lot of other things I also have my eyes on!! So glad you were able to review for them! 🙂

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Ok, first off, I just spent like 45 minutes on this site, and I was only on the “under $25” page. There are a few things that stood out to me, that I would buy for myself. But a hundred things I would think to buy for gifts, especially those Chinese Gift Exchanges at Christmas or gifts for my cousins whom I barely see in UK.
    Things I would buy/want for myself – if I won!
    Wine Pearls – how cool is this? Who has time to wait for that specific bottle of white wine, that of course wasn’t in the cooler at the wine store, to cool in the fridge…..exactly. And who likes watered down sauvignon blanc?? NOT ME!
    Another cool thing I would want, dont need, but want, is the Polar Bear Ice Tray And my reason for this is just because it is freaking cool.
    Garlic Rocker ☺ I hate my standard garlic press, its boring, and difficult to clean, and well the rocker is just cooler.
    Mushroom Kit – I would like to watch them grow!
    Cheese Keeper…..you had me at cheese.
    Also, not that there’s ever really any wine left in the bottle, the Air Wine Cork would just be a cool gadget to have, to show people what you could do….if of course you had left overs….which you probably wouldn’t.

    I am excited to check out the rest of the website!!!

  3. Malinda Needhan
    Malinda Needhan says:

    With $50 I would buy a couple of the water bottles! I’m hooked on fruit in my water but hate getting a raspberry seed or cucumber seed while I’m drinking! I would buy some for a couple friends too. I also love the garlic rocker and the air wine cork.

  4. Ashley C
    Ashley C says:

    We love Uncommon Goods and have quite a few items from them! I’d love to get the Construction Plate and Utensils for my son!


  5. Meggin
    Meggin says:

    I would get the holiday bike chain star ornaments for my mom, the silver USB cuff links for my bf, the spongster, and the garlic roller…I might need more than one form of payment lol.

  6. Wild Orchid
    Wild Orchid says:

    I love this table lamp–http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/terra-table-lamp

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  7. Wild Orchid
    Wild Orchid says:

    I like you on FB and shared–https://www.facebook.com/wild.orchid.33821/posts/231280500362762

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  8. Katherine Donovan
    Katherine Donovan says:

    The Aquafarm is so unusual! My grandson would love it! I also like the “you got your new dog” kit. My good friend just got a puppy and she adores him like he’s her kid! There is a lot of interesting stuff to look at!

  9. monica meza
    monica meza says:

    I would get some decor like the stitch the stars calendar (which is really cute) and I would even splurge for the ENERGY CIRCLE RING!
    Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  10. Lizza
    Lizza says:

    I love uncommon goods! I would buy some fun new things for my new house! And I liked superwife and uncommon goods and signed up for their email! Thanks for the giveaway!

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