The Baby Lists: Newborn/New Mommy Essentials

When I was pregnant with Ellie I was a compulsive list-maker (okay, I’m still a compulsive list-maker, so sue me). I was so concerned with be prepared for a new baby that I wrote down like, everything I could ever need.

After I actually HAD Ellie, I adjusted my lists – to be more realistic, to include things that I used regularly, and to exclude things I once thought I needed but really didn’t. I’ve had a number of friends and family members become pregnant with their first babies since then, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my OCD with all of them.

I recently had a few requests to share my SuperLists on the blog, so here you go! The topics include Newborn Essentials, What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag, What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag, and What to Keep in Your Baby’s Med Kit. I’ll share the lists in their own posts over the next few days, and I’ll include links to products wherever I can. Feel free to share, bookmark, and certainly to add your thoughts!

Superwife’s Newborn Essentials (or, Things I Couldn’t Live Without When I Was a New Mommy)

  • Munchkin Dog night light (or a Mobi Glomate) (I still use it every day, and now Ellie likes to play with it too!)
  • Fisher Price Seahorse (it’s like a gloworm!)
  • Cuff sleeve onesies (babies scratch themselves a lot)
  • Mittens (babies scratch themselves A LOT!)
  • A&D ointment (Target brand, green lid is my favorite)
  • Baby powder
  • JJ Cole BundleMe Carseat Cover
  • Some sort of carseat hangy music toy
  • Baby Tylenol
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Wash
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Lotion
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Baby hairbrush & comb (Ellie needed it!)
  • Cloth diapers (for burp pads)
  • Receiving blankets
  • Baby bathtub
  • Soothie pacifiers
  • Thermometer
  • Waterproof fitted crib sheets
  • Waterproof changing table pads
  • Blankies
  • Boppy nursing pillow
  • Crib mobile/projector
  • Swing! (absolute lifesaver)
  • Playpen w/changing table
  • Bottle dryer (the Boon grass thingy is cool and I still use it)
  • Wipes warmer (I like the Munchkin one)
  • Baby monitor (I love my Summer Best View video monitor)
  • Bottles (even if you plan to breastfeed, you may need to use a bottle for some reason or another sooner than you think. I like Playtex DropIns and Playtex VentAir bottles)
  • CarSeat: one that tightens in the front!!! (our Chicco Keyfit30 is great)
  • Babytrend Snap-n-Go Stroller (if you need a stroller… Nice for travel, but for shopping and stuff you just put the carseat in the shopping cart!)

And for Momma:

  • Breast pads
  • Nursing bra/tanks
  • Lanisoh Nipple Cream
  • Lanisoh Soothies Nipple Gel Pads
  • Dermoplast (numbing spray!)
  • Tucks Pads
  • Granny panties (you’ll throw them away)
  • Giant pads (lol, or ask for LOTS extra at the hospital)
  • Breast Pump (Medela is the best)

Instead of peppering this whole post with links to products, I thought I’d just provide this link to SUPERWIFE’S PICKS on Amazon. There, you can browse through photos and listings of most of the items I’ve listed here. Enjoy!


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  1. Danya Sanchez
    Danya Sanchez says:

    if breast feeding is better this go round for you. I HIGHLY recommend the brest friend feeding pillow!

  2. Sarah Rock
    Sarah Rock says:

    -Lysol Spray ( I felt the need to spray it on everything)
    -Rocking Chair
    -Zip Up Fleece Sleeping Sacks (makes for super easy night diaper change)
    -Moby Wrap ( could make dinner while nursing)
    -Vaseline (for circumcised boys)
    -Papasan/Bouncer/Bumbo ( awesome for room to room set down needs, if baby will allow you to set him down)
    -Play Mat/Jumper Gym
    -Seven Slings Carrier (I found the car seat bulky to carry into stores, this went on super easy and fit in my purse)
    -Bum Genius AIO Pocket Diapers (if cloth diapering)
    —Bum Genius Toilet Nozzle Sprayer & 2-3 buckets w/ lids

  3. Vicky Jarvis
    Vicky Jarvis says:

    Wow! Excellent list! Although I would be careful of the Johnson products.

    I found a website with loads of Top Ten lists for baby products that you might find useful:

    When it comes to baby monitors, do you prefer video or audio only? Having trouble making up my mind.

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