SuperDog Toy Trick

**While I’m on vacation (visiting family and BlogHer-ing) for a few weeks, please enjoy some Superwife classics… posts for which I get the most irl (in-real-life) comments and/or compliments. Have a super few weeks and I’ll be back sooooon!**


So I got this great idea a while back that I should teach my puppy how to put away her toys, since she leaves them ALL OVER the living room floor every day. Check out the video below to see how that went. 🙂

Note: Now, 2 years later, Tali still puts away her toys (and expects a treat every time, for every single toy). Now that we have a baby, I’ve noticed her starting to put the baby toys away (albeit in her own dog-toy basket), trying to get extra treats! Stinker!

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    So clever, but yes, dogs often want something out of it either a special toy, treat or praise! They don’t like doing anything for nothing. lol

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