SuperCrafts: Date Night Wedding Gift

I love giving gifts… LOVE. When my sister-in-law got married last summer, I brainstormed for a really long time to come up with THE perfect gift for her and her husband.

Adam and I decided to go with a Date Night theme: we provided them with a pre-planned date for each month of the year. I’ve seen this idea on “romantic ideas” blogs before, but I’ve never seen a presentation that I fell in love with… so I came up with my own. 🙂

First, I used these envelope templates and liner templates from PaperSource to make 12 different adorable envelopes using craft/scrapbook papers I already had in my closet. Then, Adam and I came up with a list of fun things for Amanda and Brad to do together throughout the year (and I ran all around town picking up giftcards and scheduling things). Since Amanda is pregnant (due in August!), we had to be conscious of including alcohol themes. Now, we gave Amanda & Brad this gift in January, so they still have a half a year’s worth of envelopes to open – therefore, I can’t share ALL of the ideas we came up with just yet. Here are a few of the dates they’ve already opened:

  • Aces Hockey Tickets
  • Neon Mini Golf
  • Frozen Yogurt GiftCard (to Yogurt Lounge)
  • Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge GiftCard
  • Bowling
  • Fishing trip (with famous river guides Adam & Jenny Fast)
  • Dinner & Movie @ Bear’s Tooth (a local theater/pizzeria/pub)


After writing out a little decription of each date on a piece of construction paper, I placed everything in the envelopes and packaged it up all nice and pretty. We gave it to the Halls with the instruction that they were to ONLY open ONE envelope per month… I’m seriously impressed that they (Amanda in particular) seem to have complied so far. 🙂

I really wish I could share the rest of the months right now, but for Amanda and Brad… just know there are some REALLY good ones coming up.

This was definitely one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given… it was so much fun brainstorming, creating, and presenting. I definitely recommend!


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  1. Annabelle Hernandez
    Annabelle Hernandez says:

    What. A. Great. Idea. (I’m stealing it for my sisters upcoming wedding) 🙂 awesome Jenny!

  2. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I shouldn’t have read this…. I want to open the rest NOW!!! : ) It’s a seriously awesome gift and Brad loves it too! Is a pain free and FAST labor in Augusts’ envelope? hahaha

  3. Emma
    Emma says:

    Wow Jenny what a super cool gift! I’ve never heard of anything like this before to give to someone besides your partner. I did give Henry some “I owe you” vouchers for valentines one time 😉 but this is great! I love it!

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