State Cookie Contest (Better Homes & Gardens)

Wonderful news, lovelies! Superwife has been asked by Better Homes & Gardens to participate in a “State Cookie Contest”… as in, Superwife is the one and only delegate from Alaska, and will be competing against just – you guessed it – 49 other entries!

The task at hand is to create a delicious, original cookie recipe that best represents the great state of Alaska. Land of the Midnight Sun. The Last Frontier. Home of Superwife. 🙂 Cookie creations will be uploaded to the BHG Facebook page and then fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite (by “liking” their favorite recipes). The recipe with the most “likes” at the end of the contest will win a $100 gift card to Walmart, a full set of the new BHG Bakeware line (accented in red, which means I am totally meant to win it because my entire kitchen is red), AND a full set of the bakeware to give away on their blog. I believe the full set includes 9 pieces (even though the picture below only shows 5).

After some mouthwatering suggestions from friends, I’ve decided to test out a few different recipes and then have readers choose which one Superwife submits to Better Homes & Gardens. So far, I’ve come up with the following three ideas:

Midnight Sun Snowballs

An Alaskan take on the delicious tea-cake favorite, the Midnight Sun Snowball is a shortbread-like, melt-in-your-mouth morsel that incorporates dried Alaskan blueberries and high-bush cranberries, as well as chopped pistachios as a reminder that, well, we Alaskans are all a little nutty. Rolled and coated in sweet powdered sugar, these little snowballs will have you yearning for a sledding session in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Alaska Big Dippers

The “go big or go home” version of a rugged Alaskan cookie, the Alaska Big Dipper is a mountainous oatmeal cookie filled with sweet and savory treats including dried high-bush cranberries and wild Alaskan raspberries, white chocolate chunks, peanut butter chips and rice krispies. Topped with a juicy Alaskan blueberry-white chocolate swirl frosting, these hearty cookies will surely remind you of The Last Frontier’s beautiful snow-capped mountain landscape.

Alaska’s Deadliest Chocolate

Deadlier than an Alaskan crab-fishing excursion, the Alaska’s Deadliest Chocolate is a chocolatey-chocolate explosion packed with dark and white chocolate chunks, baked around a rich fudge-y center and topped off with a creamy snow-white chocolate frosting. Are you in heaven yet?

So… quick temperature check: how are we feeling about these options? Any of them stick out? Any of them suck? Anything you think is missing? I haven’t put these recipes to the kitchen quite yet, but I did just receive my cookie sheet from BHG to test during this whole creation process, so I believe I’ll start this week. Please send me your feedback so I can make this OUR contest entry – LET’S WIN THIS!

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Probably either the 1st or the 2nd as they seem more “different”. I’ll lean towards the second just because it has white chocolate and peanut butter. 😛 I think that with the raspberries and cranberries will make it great and something a little different.

  2. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Well so far I’ve gotten the most response to the Big Dippers… so I’ll be making those this evening! Adam, however, is demanding that I also make the chocolate ones evenb if I don’t submit them, so I guess I’ll be making those as well. 🙂

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