Spice Box Review – Deluxe Monthly Box

I was recently approached by a company called Spicy Subscriptions to do a review of their deluxe monthly Spice Box. I absolutely love monthly boxes – Citrus Lane, Conscious Box,  Birchbox, etc – so of course I agreed!

Just as a quick warning, friends… this is NOT a baby or family-related post. So here goes…

A little basic info about the company and the service: each month, you’ll receive a collection of luxurious romance, intimacy, and beauty products from the Spice Shop. The Premium Spice Box includes 1 Flirty Item, 1-2 Full Sized Products, and 2-4 Trial Sized Products and the Deluxe Spice Box includes 1 Deluxe Item, 1-2 Full Sized Products, 1 Deluxe Accessory, and 2-4 Trial Sized Products. People… this is not kitchen spice. It is BEDROOM SPICE.

Let’s check out what the April Deluxe Spice Box contained…

  • Simply Sensual Massage Candle – $15.99
  • Kama Sutra Lip Fetish Gloss – $15.99
  • Lusty Lacquers Nail Polish – $12.00
  • Wicked Aqua Candy Apple (lube) – $12.99
  • Spicy Subscriptions Spicy Rabbit (not pictured below) – $49.99
  • “Pink” silicone lube sample
  • “Gun Oil” hybrid silicone lube sample
  • DELUXE BOX MONTHLY COST: $34.99 — a seriously good deal 🙂


Okay, so listen… I haven’t purchased anything like this in FOREVER, and I’m pretty sure the last time I was even in a shop that carried these items I was shopping for a bachelorette party gift. And I’ll be honest… this whole box would make an AWESOME gift. The items were well-packaged, a great value, and… “fun” (lol). I have two toddlers who frequently wake at random hours during the night, so let’s just say I haven’t actually *tried* any of these items other than the lip gloss (very cute, and also kinda spicy — has a plumper in it)… so this box actually IS going to make a fabulous bachelorette party gift for one of my girlfriends who is getting married this summer.

Bottom Line: The Deluxe Monthly Spice Box from Spicy Subscriptions is an AWESOME value, and came with a number of really great products. If this is something you’re interested in on a monthly basis, or if you’ve got (close) friends who would appreciate this as a gift,  I definitely recommend. Just maybe don’t let your kiddos open your mail. 😉

Check out the company and subscribe here.

(Disclaimer: Spicy Subscriptions sent me a Deluxe Spice Box to review at no cost; all opinions regarding the product are my own.)

(photos above from glamorable.com and seeshoplove.blogspot.com)

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