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Security Blankie

My beautiful daughter has a white hand-crocheted blanket that she is in love with – it’s her “security” blankie. It was made with love by her great-aunt Jana, and Ellie is absolutely enamored with it.

On mornings when she hasn’t quite woken up enough, or when she’s having a “mommy” day, or just when she’s feeling particularly vulnerable, I let her bring her blankie with her to daycare – she always feels better when she knows I’m going to let her take it in the car, and I can tell she feels somehow “safer” away from me when I drop her off .

Tomorrow marks Day One of my father-in-law’s murderer’s court trial…

Do you think Ellie will let me have her blankie for the day?

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  1. Stacey Filak
    Stacey Filak says:

    A very good friend of mine has (yup, still has, at age 30) a security blanket. Hers is named “Nunca,” and is a ratty, yellow, shredded rag that has slept in the same bed with her since her infancy. When her husband fell in love with her, he knew that Nunca came along, too. A few years ago, when her father was dying from liver failure, she cut Nunca in half and took part of it to stay with her Daddy, to help keep him safe in the hospital. After his passing, that half was divided in half again, to make lovies for her own two kids.
    Sometimes, having a security blanket protects you, and sometimes it protects those pieces of you that live outside of your body. Here’s hoping that those around you are the blankie you need in this difficult time.

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