New Year’s Revolution: Let It Go

Listen up, ladies…
I occasionally feed my kids hotdogs. I work outside the home. I yell. I spank. I serve gluten-riddled meals to my family. I rarely find the time to work out. I let my kids watch TV and play with iPads (sometimes simultaneously!). My hall closet is one straight out of a cartoon – I have to slowly inch it open, blindly throw something into it and then slam it closed with all of my body weight. There is dirt between the tiles in my shower. I buy my kids too many toys. I post funny photos of my kids online. We don’t eat organic (unless by accident). I quit breastfeeding both of my girls before 4 months and fed them the poison that is formula. I use disposable diapers. I vaccinate. 
I’m so freaking sick of all of the posts that have been popping up online trying to make me feel guilty for ALL of these things. For that reason, this year I’m not making ANY resolutions. I’m just not. I have too many goals and accountabilities at work (yes, my job that takes me away from raising my children like a proper SAHM, *gasp*), and I’m just over trying to implement that crap at home. No more “weight goals” or “yell less” or “organize all the things” or “hands-free mama” bullshit. 
This year, I’m taking a cue from Ellie’s very favorite movie (and current obsession), Disney’s “Frozen”. While driving in the car recently, listening to my 3yo innocently sing the words to Queen Elsa’s powerhouse song, I found myself in tears. These three profound words make up the mantra I’ll be repeating to myself this year… 
2014 for Superwife holds no “resolutions”, but a “revolution”, rather: I am doing just fine.
This year, I will do what I do when and how I do it. I will parent how I parent, cook how I cook, and live how I live. And that is all. And as for all of the stressful nonsense.. let it go. 
It’s so beautifully, magically simple. 
(Thanks, Disney.)

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  1. MOM
    MOM says:

    CHEERS BABY! Love you! This is what I’ve been waiting to hear! Let it go, let it go, let it go! 🙂

  2. Grandma
    Grandma says:

    I had no idea you let people influence you in such a manner. Jenny I have always thought you were the one who did the influencing! I am wholeheartedly behind your revolution. I have to admit it took me a while to get used to a “toy ruled house” but after spending an evening ‘studying’ your home I finally realized that houses nowadays are not spotless showplaces with every knickknack placed exactly right! Young couples are using their homes in a different way than my generation. Each item in your living room is USEFUL. The toy storage boxes in your living room are not only attractive they are useful. So you have umpteen blankets stacked in your living room…. I’ve got five — and there’s only me living here! Times change Jenny so live in your generation and keep on just as you are doing. I am proud of my granddaughter and her abilities. Just keep on through life doing things your way and you’ll have a happy and fulfilled life. You’re Jennifer — you can do anything you set your mind to……. Love you a Bunch.

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