It’s hard work growing a… baby.

I’ve been saving this story for a few weeks because I hadn’t made my announcement yet, but now that you (well, you that follow Superwife on Facebook) know that I’m growin’ Superbaby #2, here you go!

Adam and I found out we were pregnant on March 10th… right after I got back from a week in Chicago for work, during which I nearly fainted twice, had abnormally high blood pressure, and endured a monster migraine from hell (all while training on a new product I’m selling). I had suspected something was up, so I took two pregnancy tests the week I got home. Both turned out negative.

I had a dream a few nights later and shot out of a dead sleep at 3am just KNOWING I was pregnant. I knew it in my bones, if that even makes sense. When I took that 3rd pregnancy test at 6am the next morning… BINGO!! Got my positive. 🙂

So… we only shared with family and a few close friends, and then I waited to share with the entire world (aka Facebook) until after I had broken the news to my boss. And now here we are – 16 weeks pregnant!

This baby is totally a boy. No, we’re not finding out until I push it out of me on or around Thanksgiving Day (my due date!), but I just know it’s a boy. My pregnancy with Ellie was relatively smooth sailing (except for the damn kidney stones)… THIS little monster, however, decided to torture me for the first 4 months. I was sick, ALLLLLL the time, and I seriously had to pull over in the middle of my sales calls almost every day to take little 15-minute power naps so I didn’t fall asleep at stop lights. Therefore, I’ve decided it’s a boy. Only a dirty, grimy little mischevious mini-Adam could make me feel so terrible, lol. Slugs and snails and puppy-dog tails, right?

And now, a little bit of SuperHubs for you (I know you’ve all been missing him)…

Adam: How are you feeling today, babe?

Me: Ugh, terrible. I just want to go to sleep and wake up in June.

Adam: What’s wrong?

Me: Well I just feel like I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m so fricken exhausted I can’t do ANYTHING!

Adam: Well, it does make sense.

Me: No, it doesn’t. I never felt like this with Ellie. NEVER.

Adam: Yeah but this time you’re all tired because it’s super hard work growing a huge baby penis.

(Obviously we know what Adam is rooting for.)

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  1. Danya Sanchez
    Danya Sanchez says:

    Can’t wait to see if you are growing a penis…in you belly!

    I was very tired the first trimester with Louis. Jared was sometimes upset because I never went to his concerts, but I had no energy to do so with my name written on my sofa!

    I wasn’t sick though. I did have HUGE food aversions though, Most things made me want to cry or gag. I ate lots of Chipotle steak bowls, toast, all fruit, and cereals.

    I should have known I was having a boy when 1. I didn’t want chocolate! 2. WHen I decided I wanted chocolate again it gave me TERRIBLE heartburn.

    boys, men= pain in the butt! lol

  2. Ann Cline
    Ann Cline says:

    That is good news now! Have followed Ellie’s progress since before she was born, after visiting with Nancy and you were pregnant! Wishing you smoothing sailing from here on in–Love, to all. (Knew your grand dad jones since 1944)!!!

  3. Grandma Nancy
    Grandma Nancy says:

    Boy or girl….. Ellie being a big sister is what I’m looking forward to…. I can imagine she will be excited, upset, jealous and any other description you can think of…..most of all she’ll be very loving. I thoroughly enjoyed the article!

  4. Tanya Stevens
    Tanya Stevens says:

    Adams response to a growing baby boy is hilarious. LOL! He must be really funny. 🙂

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