I’m all for Technology, But…

I’ll be the first to admit that I suffer from an insane compulsion to check my cell phone every 5 minutes. I can also truthfully say, however, that I can put it away and not rely on it when indulging in quality time with friends and family. I do think that in general, we all tend to lean a little too much on the at-our-fingertips information delivered through our pocket computers… but I also embrace it.

So does my husband… maybe a little too much at times.

A few weeks ago, we were enjoying a nice family weekend at our cabin out of town. While deciding what to do for the day, we were tossing around the idea of pack-rafting with the girls down the Talkeetna River.

Adam: It’s supposed to rain today.

Me: *glancing out the window* Looks fine to me.

Adam: No, it’s sprinkling and cloudy right now.

Me: *now staring at sunny blue sky through the window* Um… no. It’s clear.

Adam: JEN, my weather app SAYS it’s cloudy.

Me: ADAM, I’m using my EYES to look out the ACTUAL window at ACTUAL weather.

Adam: Oh, oops. I have it set on Seward. Hang on lemme check Talkeetna.


We enjoyed a fun trip down the river. On a beautiful blue day (at least, that’s what our iPhone apps told us).

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