See? I’m totally a good example.



Super Meal Planning

I recently received an email from Nate, whom I can’t remember for the life of me ever meeting or communicating with. Nate thinks that I would be a great person to get an opinion from regarding his new meal planner template – you know, to make my life easier.

Well, OF COURSE I felt I had to reply, as I totally consider myself an expert in planning of meals. Anyone who has ever read my blog knows that Adam and I carefully plan everything, including fancy dinners. So, I politely returned Nate’s email, complete with an attached “expert example” of how I’ll be using his new awesome downloadable tool. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I’m sure he’ll be emailing my example out with all of his marketing info from now on.

So Superfans… here is our SuperFamily’s September Menu. It’s so amazing that you’re probably going to want to utilize it yourself. Feel free, just make sure that you credit my recipes or I’ll come find you and sue you.

Happy Menu Planning!

Chapstick = Love

I wasn’t kidding about being a Chapstickaholic – and since I found a photo from 2005 to illustrate my addiction, I’ll accompany it with a sweet story about Adam. It also illustrates how amazing my husband is. <3

I moved to Seattle for a job in the start of 2005, and shortly after I left Alaska my mom decided to move to Idaho with my sisters, brother and stepdad. When Adam and I started dating in July, and then it got serious, I decided to move back to AK. One of my BIGGEST concerns was that I was going to be spending my very first Christmas without my MOM… an unbearable thought. As December 25th drew nearer, I constantly reminded Adam of all the ways he had to strive to make Christmas “real” for me… help me decorate the house, help me decorate the tree, let me play Christmas tunes and burn Christmas-y candles, drive around and look at lit up houses with me, open one present with me on Christmas Eve (a family tradition)… and most importantly, DO NOT FORGET TO PUT CHAPSTICK IN MY STOCKING (I may or may not have reminded him about this important tradition everysingleday for two months). Mom ALWAYS put some Chapstick in my stocking, and it’s always been one of the things that really makes Christmas feel like Christmas for me.

Come Christmas morning, 2005… I woke up to a stocking that was literally overflowing with tubes of Chapstick. In every flavor he could find. There was absolutely nothing else in my stocking but shiny new tubes of Chapstick – about 50 of them.


This wasn't even half.

He loves me… he really loves me. <3

BlogHer ’11: Whew!

What. A. Whirlwind.

After a week with my awesome family and snuggling with my 2 babies (my own baby and my sister’s baby), I spent 2 fun-packed days in San Diego for the BlogHer’11 conference with the lovely Miss Molly from From the moment I stepped off of the plane, we were gogogo-ing. Literally, the moment I stepped off of the plane, Molly told me “get dressed in the passenger seat of the car, we’re driving straight to the Dermalogica/CND party.” Eeek!  

So… Night 1 Highlights:

  1. Amazing swag from Dermalogica/CND party. Am obsessed with Dermalogica products now.
  2. I got to meet The Bloggess! Surprising: she is MUCH taller than I expected.
  3. I nearly passed out when I saw that Pfizer now makes GREEN APPLE CHAPSTICK.

BlogHer day 2 was also a whirlwind. Molls and I never had time for breakfast all weekend (thank goodness Baileys & Coffeemate had booths in the expo hall!), and I’m pretty sure we didn’t eat a proper meal until Saturday night. Anyway, loved the sessions I attended on Day 1 of the conference, and was completely overwhelmed in the expo hall by the sheer volume of free swag that exhibitors were giving away. I felt like I was robbing the CVS booth (mascara, lip gloss, and new Salma Hayek makeup? yes please.), and had a blast taking pics with Molly at all of the booths with fun photo areas.

Day/Night 2 Highlights:

  1. Attended some really interestung sessions, took some rad photos with Molly on the expo floor.
  3. Won the one and only VIP pass to the Softcup Party on a nearby rooftop and had drinks with Mario Lopez, Amanda Beard, Ryan Cabrera and Clark Duke. Learned that I’m kind of an asshole around celebrities (separate blog post to come).

BlogHer day 3 was a hot hungover mess. I went to more amazing sessions (including “How to Pitch a Book” – anyone interested in a Superwife book? <3 ), drank a LOT more coffee and took it waaaaaay easy on the partying, as I had a flight first thing the next morning,

Day/Night 3 Highlights:

  1. Was completely inspired in the sessions I attended. I cannot wait to write a damn book.
  3. Shared my post about Johnson & Johnson baby wash with an actual Johnson & Johnson exec; she asked me to email it to her!

So… there you have it. I had a ton of fun, learned a ton of stuff, met a ton of people, took a ton of photos. A huge thanks again to my supersponsors, Paragon/Dirtt and Bradley Reid, for making it possible for Superwife to attend BlogHer’11!

Do you blog? You should totally go next year, when BlogHer’12 will be held in New York! Now… who would like to sponsor Superwife for 2012? NYC is a looooooong way away from AK…

Stop Copying Me! (but don’t really)

My little sister Jessie has a twin (my other little sister Sara)… yet she insists on following in my life’s footsteps. Case(s) in point:

20 years ago:

Me: Look at my awesome new Winnie-the-Pooh tshirt!

Jessie: Cool can I borrow it?

Me: Yeah I guess

Jessie: Mkay. I’ll just wear it every day and night and not take it off for 5 days so that it gets so disgusting you let me keep it. Then I can show all my friends and be like, ‘look at my awesome new Winnie-thePooh tshirt!’…


7 years ago: 

Me: I’m moving to Seattle!

Jessie: Hey me too!

Me: Where will you live?

Jessie: With you!


1.5 years ago:

Me: I’m pregnant!

Jessie: I’M pregnant!


9 months ago:

Me: I had a girl!

Jessie: Me too!!


5 months ago:

Me: I broke my leg!


1 week ago:

Jessie: I might have broken my ankle.


Luckily, it was just a sprain. Silly girl. And then, this…



I love her so much. <3


At the dentist recently my hygienist commented that I obviously practice “excellent” home care… and then she told me I have 3 cavities. WTF? Apparently my mouth has low ph? Gah. Anyway this was my brief conversation:

Hygienist: “Jenny, do you have any specific drinks you consume a lot, like every day, you know like sweet coffee of something? Because a lot of the time for us adults, it can be the drinks that trip us up and not junk food.”

Me: “Hm… no, I don’t even drink coffee. Maybe iced tea? I drink that kind of a lot I guess. Although I do drink a lot of water too. Huh.”

But then it totally dawned on me about an hour later during lunch with a friend…

Me: “blah blah, my hygienist thinks there’s some sort of drink that’s giving me cavities, but I don’t really drink coffee or energy drinks, so I have no idea what it could be!”

Friend: “Are you KIDDING? What about the massive amounts of candy you eat? WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU DRINK PINK CHAMPAGNE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT??”

Me: “But I have EXCELLENT at-home-teeth-care techniques!!! She SAID!”

So apparently, champagne is giving me cavities. WHY, GOD, WHY???

How did she know?

I hate Costco. I hate it more on the weekends. I hate it more on weekend afternoons…

BUT, to get my beautiful new wine glasses, I went to Costco on Sunday at about 1:45pm. After some redneck (literally, a man in an old beat-up chevy, with a cigarette hanging out of his scruffy face, and his girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat with curlers in her hair and a cigarette in her mouth as well) cut me off in the parking lot, and I waited in line at the customer service desk for 30 minutes to get my new membership card…

I’m standing in line for 20 minutes at the register to buy my 2 items, thinking about how this damn place looks more like the fair that Costco, and I realize there’s something wrong with my new membership card — it now says:

Costco Business Member

Jennifer Fat

Awesome. Now skinny bitches at the Costco membership desk are noticing my weight gain. I wonder why she didn’t just add the “s” after “Jennifer”… Back to the gym it is. 🙂 I’m also considering joining Sam’s Club.