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SuperDog Toy Trick

**While I'm on vacation (visiting family and BlogHer-ing) for a few weeks, please enjoy some Superwife classics... posts for which I get the most irl (in-real-life) comments and/or compliments. Have a super few weeks and I'll be back sooooon!** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So…

Super Alaskan Fireweed Jelly

Because I was feeling all "superhomemakerey" this weekend, I decided to try my hand at making jelly - Alaskan Fireweed Jelly! My superdad graciously offered to gather a large bag full of beautiful fireweed blossoms for me off of the riverbank…

Alaska Big Dipper Cookies

The “go big or go home” version of a rugged Alaskan cookie, the Alaska Big Dipper is a mountainous oatmeal cookie filled with sweet and savory treats including dried Alaskan high-bush cranberries and dried wild Alaskan strawberries,…

State Cookie Contest (Better Homes & Gardens)

Wonderful news, lovelies! Superwife has been asked by Better Homes & Gardens to participate in a "State Cookie Contest"... as in, Superwife is the one and only delegate from Alaska, and will be competing against just - you guessed it…

It's called an "addition" for a reason...

When we decided to have a baby, Adam and I had many discussions revolving around what type of parents we would be, how we would raise our children - and most importantly, how our lives would change. We always ended up at the conclusion that…

Assignment: Love

To all of my wonderful Superwife fans out there, I have a homework assignment for you. Yes, homework... stop rolling your eyes already, you children - this one should be easy. Right now, today, tomorrow and for every day for the rest of your…

Laughs From SuperHubby

Honey, I’m hooooooome…

Ahhh, boys. I left for about a week recently to do some work-related training in Dallas, TX… and because I didn’t want to be totally overwhelmed when I got home, I left a little note for the boys when I left: Dear Adam and Billy, I hope you have a wonderful week of bachelor-fun while […]


Magic Mushrooms

Getting ready for the softball game Monday night (in which my pregnant ass has been demoted to scorekeeper, waaahhhh)… Me: Okay, cool, so let me just pop in the garage and through in a load of laund—-aaaaaaaaagh! Adam: (sitting on the couch, doesn’t even turn around to look at me) What? Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Adam: Words, […]


Have You Seen This Man?

On the right of this page, in the profile pic… my husband… his name is Adam… remember his face because it may soon appear on the back of a milk carton. Me: Hey Baby… this app I have on my phone says that the baby’s fingernails are formed and that synapses are rapidly growing in […]


When do I get my killing license?

You know, the one that comes with pregnancy, that’s allowed to be used when your husband commits food felonies? Oh here, let me explain: Last week I had a musthavethemnownownowrightnow craving for Apple Toaster Struedel (I saw a commercial for Eggo waffles, which made me think about how toaster struedel were way better, which made […]

Yep… we’re married.

Adam and I were in the car the other day discussing his birthday plans, and he told me that I am “required” to come out to the cabin with him for a snowmachine trip next weekend (his bday is the 19th). Thinking back to the last time I was at our little cabin in Talkeetna, I remembered […]

So THAT’S what “married” means…

Okay, I know I’m still sort of newly married (1.5yrs)… but PLEASE tell me this isn’t something I have to look forward to. Adam and I, having a light conversation while sitting on the couch this evening. Me: Blah blah blah, that movie Zombieland made me kind of queasy… blah… Adam: Something something chicken wings […]