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New Year's Revolution: Let It Go

Listen up, ladies...   I occasionally feed my kids hotdogs. I work outside the home. I yell. I spank. I serve gluten-riddled meals to my family. I rarely find the time to work out. I let my kids watch TV and play with iPads (sometimes simultaneously!).…

This time of year...

This is the time of year when I allow myself to go back to that night. I allow myself to remember everything about the moment my ears were assaulted with the news, and the moments immediately following. Adam and I, collapsing into a tangled…
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Potty Time - Husbands vs. Toddlers (again)

I am continually flabbergasted by the amount of time my husband (and most men, I assume) spend in the bathroom. Seriously, is it just their "get away" time? Not that Ellie thinks any room in our house is private or anything ("I'll be right back…
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Motherhood is a Cheeky Betch

That Motherhood... she is one cheeky bitch. The moment you even consider thinking about making a plan for something... her wheels start turning. Like, if you think "Hmmm... after I put the kids to bed I'll have a nice glass of wine…

Bruise-Free Bananas

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm raising a picky eater... But... I'm raising a picky eater. I mean, she eats all kinds of foods. It's the QUALITY she's picky about. Most recent prime example: A few mornings ago I was getting the girls up and…

Superwife: Not so super for a while there... But I'm back!

Well, this is LONG overdue. Thank you all so much for not pressuring me to tell this story before I was ready... so, without further ado, here is Jamie's beautiful birth story. And the aftermath. I went into labor on a Thursday afternoon.…

Laughs From SuperHubby

Apparently I need to eat more cheeseburgers

Adam and I were watching television the other night and this stupid Carl’s Jr. commercial came on. RIGHT in the MIDDLE of our conversation, his eyes completely glazed over and he basically forgot I was alive for 30 whole seconds. Have you seen this commercial? The one with Kate Upton? Here… please, do your research: […]

Random Facts

My husband doesn’t read books. Well, not real books. He does, however, love the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader books – you know, the ones with a ton of random facts. I even bought him a few Bathroom Reader CDs a while back to listen to while he goes on long drives for work. He loves […]

‘Tis The Season

Every year since I’ve been without my mom during the holidays (since 2005), decorating my house has been rough – emotionally. I always cry while I hang family ornaments on my tree, and listening to Christmas music just tugs at my heartstrings. On top of that, Adam gets all grinchy during Christmas because it’s a […]

Real Men and Smart Phones

Although Adam and I aren’t quite cool enough yet to run out and grab the new iPhone 4s, we did jump at the opportunity to upgrade to the newest operating system (“to the cloud!”). Three hours and a little bit of yelling/cussing/kicking (common with all iTunes interactions in our household) later… we were blissfully using iOS5. […]


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Looks like I’ll be eating a lot of chicken dinners over the next four months in order to become a “winner winner”! Adam and I decided last weekend that we’re going to have a full-on competition to see who can get the hottest for our trip to Hawaii in February. While pigging out on churros […]


I think I’ve been had…

My dad gave me this beautiful hanging plant that my stepmom used as a decoration at our wedding (I don’t know what it is, but it’s pretty white flowers in a basket). I hung it off of my porch, which lets it hang over the small walkway to our front door — you can’t really […]