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I promise, he doesn't.

Ellie is very into contest games right now - as in, everything is a race. Everything. And everyone is always playing, even if they don't know it. "I finished my dinner first, I win!!" "I made it to the car first, I'm the winner!" "Aw,…

10 minutes with my 1-year-old

Sometimes, a ten minute conversation with my one-year-old will cover as many as 97 topics. Other times, it'll go like this: (While visiting a friend who has turtles in a little plastic pool in the backyard) Me: Jamie, do you see the…

I do have a good explanation...

My girls are in love with the little mini beanie babies that come with the McDonald's happy meals right now (yes, I bought them a happy meal, calm down). Ellie got a pink elephant and promptly named him "Boo". At the closing party for the…

Mom-Cast: A Morning at the Superhouse

I think that if I attached a microphone to my shirt and recorded everything I say from 7am-10am, on a weekend when I'm the only adult in the house with two munchkins... It would make a really good podcast. Hilarious probably. It's just a constant…

Little Fish

I find it a little ironic that my little Jameson is such a water baby. I mean, I was sure she was a boy when I was pregnant. and our boy name is Fisher... and now I'm calling her my "Little Fish" anyway. Funny how that works out, huh? 😉 I…
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Growing into Angry Birds

The Angry Birds obsession has hit our household, and my girls are preeeeetty much in love with anything Angry Birds-related. I bought Ellie a swimsuit with the red bird on it, and a set of 5 pairs of socks. I had to buy myself the same socks,…

Laughs From SuperHubby


Super-versary: 4 Years!

Adam and I were laughing the other day at the fact that we’ve only been married 4 years, yet we sit in separate recliners in the living room, sleep with a pillow barricade between us in our king-sized bed, and spend 2-3 nights per week away from eachother. I think a lot of people would […]


Of course that’s the first thing he thought of…

When Adam and I went in for my first baby appointment for Superkid #2, we were told our due date was Thanksgiving. I immediately teared up, thinking of how this was such a wonderful thing to be able to give thanks for. Adam, on the other hand, laughed out loud. My doctor and I both looked […]

Interpretation: Husbands vs Wives

Today I went in for my monthly prenatal appointment (I’m at 17 weeks!), armed with a few questions about some new, disturbing “side effects” I’ve been experiencing this pregnancy. With the first occurrence being about a month ago, I’ve been having pretty regular (but unpredictable) panic attacks. I wrote a little quip on Facebook a few weeks ago about crying on an airport tram […]


It’s hard work growing a… baby.

I’ve been saving this story for a few weeks because I hadn’t made my announcement yet, but now that you (well, you that follow Superwife on Facebook) know that I’m growin’ Superbaby #2, here you go! Adam and I found out we were pregnant on March 10th… right after I got back from a week […]

Ketchup Popsicles

It’s starting to look a lot like spring here lately, and Ellie is now obsessed with being outside… so naturally, I’ve been itching to buy her some yard toys. Slides, climbing cubes, etc (you know, Step 2 & Little Tykes stuff) – but brand new those things are ridiculously expensive! I recently told Adam I’d been searching […]

Sorry I’ve been unavailable, I’m folding socks…

I wrote a while back about how I don’t do Adam’s laundry… stop judging me, he’s a dude and his laundry is gross. And he generates like, seven times as much dirty clothing as I do so if I did his laundry I’d be doing laundry all day every damn day. Anyway, I was feeling nice […]