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Baby Anxiety

This was originally posted on jennyfast.com in February 2009, when we had just made the decision to start trying for a baby. That was almost exactly one year before we actually got pregnant with Ellie… and I do still worry a little sometimes that I’m not capable of teaching her how to talk, or read, or anything for that matter!

Okay… I have to preface this post by mentioning that when this conversation too place I was:

a.)totally PMSing and


I thought that our Valentine dinner at Orso would be an appropriate place to bring up my baby anxiety, since we’ve been discussing the issue of kids lately. So we’re having a GREAT night, we’re laughing and happy and lovey, and I start in with this:

Me: So, are we sure we’re ready?

Adam: Yep (he’s so succinct)

Me: Like really? Because it’ll probably change us.

Adam: It won’t. We’ll live just like we do now but with a kid!

Me: Ok but what if we resent eachother?

Adam: Are you high? We won’t.

Me: What if I suck? I read that whole pregnancy book yesterday, and it said I can’t have sugar or aspirin or anything! I don’t know anything about kids!

Adam: I’m not worried one little bit. You’re going to be such a great mommy Jen, stop being silly.

Me: But what if i’m terrible? What if I drop it? What if I’m too protective? What if I feed it something wrong? What if it has terrible grammar?

Adam: Impossible.


At this point Adam laughed at me uncontrollably, while I giggled and cried. Then this morning when he was kissing me goodbye before he left for work, he woke me up to tell me I’m going to be a good mommy.

I SO love my husband.

Also, don’t ask because I’m not pregnant. Just thinking about it. 🙂

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