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Airport Security

I feel that I should expand a teensy bit on the airport fiasco experience from a few days ago… because the story is actually pretty fucking scary hilarious. So, here I am at the airport in Seattle getting ready to come home after a long and exciting 2 days of work conferences, and I’m on […]

Groupies: Yer Dooin it Rong

How to be a groupie: 1-Actually GO TO the concert when a band comes into town. 2-KNOW the name of the band. 3-When asked if you want to ride in the band limo, ACCEPT. 4-Again, KNOW the name of the band. 5- Allow the rich band members to buy you drinks. 6- KNOW THE NAME […]

something borrowed

As I mentioned before, I love adding personal touches with meaningful stories to our wedding. Well, I have another AWESOME one: Adam’s grandparents (Dirk’s mom & dad) have let us borrow the cake knife from THEIR WEDDING. Their wedding from 1956. Beautiful! Now I might just cry into the cake!

Grandma Ellie

So I’ve been holding off (okay, maybe putting off and then forgetting) writing in my blog for the past while because there have been a lot of emotional events in my life that needed my attention. I know that this would probably be an ideal time to write a really raw memoir about my feeeeelings, […]