Apparently I made it all up…

Adam and I – while (im)patiently awaiting baby #2 to make his/her debut – were watching an episode of a tv show called Traffic Light last night. In the show, one of the men swears up and down that the reason he’s still married is because he’s got a florist on speed-dial to deliver flowers to his wife anytime he says something really stupid.

Me: Why don’t I get flowers when you say stupid things?

Adam: C’mon. I don’t really say a lot of stupid things.

Me: *snort*

Adam: What?? I don’t!

Me: Um, I hear there’s like a whole blog dedicated to stupid things you say.

Adam: You make a lot of that up.


Boys are so oblivious.

May I refer you all to the ENTIRE CATEGORY ON THIS BLOG titled “Shit My Husband Says“? Or perhaps the category called “Shit My Husband Does“? Enjoy.


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