(UPDATED) 9′ iPhone Cord Giveaway – Moolala.com

UPDATED Friday 8/10 – Annnnnnnd drumroll please… the winner is: Christopher Sellers! Thanks Christopher, your number was randomly selected using random.org from the list of paymatrix members and post commenters. Please send me your mailing information and I will pass it along to Moolala this afternoon (they’ll ship out your prize within a week!).

And for everyone who really wanted a 9′ iphone cord – it just so happens that Moolala.com is offering one TODAY at a discounted price of $12. Click HERE to buy one for yourself! 🙂

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend! 


I’ve posted about Moolala before – back when the site was just about to launch early last year. It’s the daily deals site (I know, we’re all addicted to these damned daily deals sites) that offers you 2% rewards for every deal you purchase, every deal your friends purchase, all the way up to your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends. Insane, I know. To date, I’ve earned around $75 – and trust me, I’ve put it to use. I’ve taken advantage of deals for movie tickets, aesthetician services, hair salons, Ellie’s birthday invitations and most frequently, photo canvases (ohhh, how I’m obsessed with photo canvas deals).

Today, however, Moolala would like to offer Superwife fans a chance to win an item from one of their most succesful recent deals – the NINE FOOT iphone cable. Nine freaking feet, you guys. That’s three times as long as the standard iphone charging cord. I can’t even begin to describe how useful this is… but I’m sure you all desperately want one.

SO… here’s the scoop you need to enter this giveaway:

  • All you need to do is sign up for a Moolala.com account using THIS LINK (my unique referral code)
  • If you already have a Moolala.com account, leave a comment on this post
  • I will use the names from my Moolala Paymatrix and from the comments to select a winner on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10
  • Moolala will send out the charger within one week of me sending them the winner’s information

Have fun and good luck (and good luck spending time shopping on Moolala.com every day like I do, lol). Here is a necessary little disclaimer: If you sign up for a free Moolala account using the Superwife referral link, anytime you make a purchase through Moolala in the future I will earn a 2% commission (but, so will you). If you invite YOUR friends, you’ll earn a commission. We all win.

Sign up for a free Moolala.com account HERE to enter to win a 9′ iPhone 4/4s Charging/Syncing Cable.

8 replies
  1. Mylissa
    Mylissa says:

    I signed up for Moolala when it was first available, but I didn’t realize how the Paymatrix worked at that time and didn’t sign up under anyone 🙁 I’m a huge fan though. Have fun picking a winner 🙂

  2. Moom
    Moom says:

    I have an account with Mooooolalalalalala! Sign me up to win! It’s under my AKJERI email account!!

  3. Cindy Smith
    Cindy Smith says:

    I think I signed up under you back when you first posted about moolala. Anyway, sign me up for the drawing please!

  4. ashleyhouston
    ashleyhouston says:

    Hi Jenny! This site is very inspiring for a new mom like myself! Im going to steal a few of your craft ideas. I also signed up for MooLaLa and feel I neeeeed this 9′ charger!!!! 😉

  5. Kat
    Kat says:

    I just signed up using your referral code. I’d love to win the 9ft cable – the regular ones are way too short! Thanks for the chance.

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