Welcome to the SuperLife! My name is Jenny, and I’ll be your guide.


I’m a thirty-something fishergirl who is interchangeably glamorous and tomboy-ish. I go camping and fishing and snowmachining while wearing pink nailpolish and lipstick. I used to be a total neat freak… but then I had kids. I love planning parties/events and helping friends, and I tend to be a take-charge kinda gal. I’m a SUPER instant-gratification kind of girl, which leads to copious amounts of overspending on kids clothes, nonsense household items, makeup, all the pretty things… much to my husband’s dismay. I’m a full-time working mom of three, and I also run a successful “side” business having fun and changing lives, and my life is crazybusyfunstressfulbeautifulSUPER.


I’m married to a big sexy mountain man named Adam, who was my high school sweetheart. He spends all of his time fishing, hunting, fixing old snowmachines and buying crap from Cabela’s. And not noticing dirt in the corners of our house. Adam is HILARIOUS – but mostly when he’s just being normal and doesn’t even know he’s being funny. He’s a total man’s man, with absolutely NO metro-qualities. His fingernails are perpetually dirty, he doesn’t make the bed (“we’re just going to unmake it tonight!”) and he takes his pants off as soon as he walks through the front door after work (“it’s more comfortable to sit on the couch in boxers”).


We have a two beautiful Fox Red Labradors, Tali and Keetna. Tali loves everyone, lives for hunting with Adam, and is pretty much the best dog ever. She CLEANS UP HER TOYS, PEOPLE. Dog after my own heart. Keetna is Tali’s puppy, and she is… fricking crazy. She jumps, she licks, she paws, she chews… and Adam and I are learning that we don’t have *quite* the disciplined training system for Keetna that we had when we got Tali (understandable when you consider that we had no children when we trained Tali). So, Keetna is our crazy kid dog. And the kids LOVE her.


Adam and I have three gorgeous little munchkins – Ellie Lynn (born in 2010), Jameson “Jamie” Lea (born in 2012), and our newest daughter Finn Lea (born in 2016). Friends, if you thought Adam was funny… you’ll absolutely love our daughters. In the Super-household, kids AND husbands say the darndest things.


Again… welcome! Come, laugh at our expense. And maybe stumble upon some things that might change your life like they have ours. <3